Did anyone else realise that Harrys dad says “until the very end” and it says that on the inside of the book?:O oh my god!.. Asjvjcjgkjkggfg I cant even breathe!


im still counting on one last wave of puberty to come really late and make me hot

For fuck sake.

So I don’t know if things like are usually put on tumblr but right now don’t give a fuck. My friend spookyylukeyy is getting loads of hate recently and i want to tell people to fuck off before I track them down because I will get very cross! Tumblr is supposed to be a place where people can vent and let out their opinions and feelings without being judged. And she is a great positive person who is always there for her followers and for her friends. You cant tell someone you dont like them when you’ve only seen them on their tumblr. And not only her, peoplr need to stop getting hate because of their opinions. In the one place they can go and “not be judged” everyone has different opinions and y’all need to accept them and stop being horrible yo each other FOR FUCK SAKE! Peace out <3 

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when the teacher says pair up but no one likes u

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This sums it all up.


hint: reason they became illegal is because it’s a CHILDRENS thing and CHILDREN would eat and choke on the small pieces back when they didn’t have a warning about it.

but the toy’s is in a plastic container inside the egg it’s not like there’s little toy parts floating around in it if you somehow manage to swallow that huge ball container then it’s probably just natural selection

In Germany we didn’t need a warning, we were smart enough not to eat a fucking huge yellow container.

this ^^^

laughing so hard because natural selection

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I live for these moments.

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People dont even realise what a small amount of words can do… To your SOUL!! :P

Me: this is going to get so many notes im so funny!
*two weeks later*
Me: oh.

Wow. Everything is so sexist. What is wrong with the world?

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